about shaving – a primer

Why a shaving primer.

There is nothing mysterious about "wet" shaving, and in the blog I'll try to give an overview of all the topics.  I'll first explain how to build up a lather.  In later blog postings I'll discuss the why and wherefore of brushes – why badger, why boar bristle; the "types" of lathering; which double edge safety razors you might consider, and why; aftershaves, etc. If you're already into shaving with a straight razor, you're already beyond anything I plan to discuss. I plan to illustrate my blogs with still photos, but eventually augment the photos with videos. Reading my postings...

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Building up your first lather.

All right.  You’ve finally bought one of our shaving soap kits, I hope, and you’re wondering where to start.  If you bought your brush elsewhere, the instructions still hold, and if you're like most beginners you'll probably begin with a boar bristle brush. All new brushes have a slight odor that will dissipate in a few days. A few practice latherings will get rid of it, too. You may at some point decide to add a badger brush to your rotation, but you’d have to be bonkers to use anything but our shaving soap.  I am also going to assume...

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How to face lather.

In our last blog I showed you how to work up a lather in a bowl, and for some time now I've been promising to show how to "face lather." Instead you may watch Jarrod, the owner of The Superior Shave, demonstrate face lathering with an enormous knot and our shaving soap. (A brush’s knot is formed where the bundle of hair or bristle is tied together. Its diameter is measured in millimeters, and its “density” is sometimes estimated. The knot is then glued into the handle.) If you click here  a new tab will open and you may view the demonstration...

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A Primer on Brushes

This is our third blog posting on shaving—third, that is, after the introduction.  In the first I wrote about working up lather in a bowl—bowl lathering.  In our second blog posting, I borrowed a YouTube clip of a demonstration of face lathering.  Now that you understand how brushes are used, it is time for a primer on types of brushes—and on some of the brushes themselves—available on the market.  If you’re already “into” brushes, there is nothing new here, but you can entertain yourself quibbling. But for the beginner, this will be a reasonable place to start. Throughout the Internet there...

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