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How Sampsons is different from creams and lotions:

Most creams and lotions you can buy off the shelf contain preservatives. They need preservatives because they contain water. Once you add water to the moisturizing oils, you need two things: emulsifiers to stop the water and the oil from separating, and preservatives to discourage the growth of harmful bacteria. Those preservatives, particularly, are not good for your skin. Many are "sensitizers," which, with repeated contact with the skin, will induce an allergic response in a small, but significant, portion of the population. We believe it is best to avoid anything that could be potentially harmful to you, our customers....

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Why our Sampsons moisturizers are best

All moisturizers help prevent and treat dry skin, but ours do more. Sampsons also protects sensitive skin, and customers tell us they have improved skin tone, they look younger, their itchy red skin heals, etc. Many of our customers who work outside tell us that Sampsons prevents their skin from drying and cracking. We've made certain it can't hurt, so don't be afraid to try it for any skin afflictions. Aside from actually moisturizing the skin, part of the reason Sampsons works so well is that it helps the body maintain its natural balance of the water that skin cells need to stay...

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How to use our Sampsons moisturizers

It takes very little Sampsons moisturizer to have a beneficial effect on your skin, and in the beginning it is almost impossible to apply too lightly. We do use beeswax instead of a harsh chemical emulsifier (that's how we stop the lighter oils from separating from the heavier butters), but if it feels waxy, you've used too much. And if you have a sense that it's too oily, you've applied Sampsons far, far too heavily. In short, apply Sampsons as lightly as possible, but too much certainly won't hurt your skin, only your pocketbook. Here, then, is how to apply the Sampsons family: The...

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