How to use our Sampsons moisturizers

It takes very little Sampsons moisturizer to have a beneficial effect on your skin, and in the beginning it is almost impossible to apply too lightly. We do use beeswax instead of a harsh chemical emulsifier (that's how we stop the lighter oils from separating from the heavier butters), but if it feels waxy, you've used too much. And if you have a sense that it's too oily, you've applied Sampsons far, far too heavily. In short, apply Sampsons as lightly as possible, but too much certainly won't hurt your skin, only your pocketbook.

Here, then, is how to apply the Sampsons family:

The face:

  • Splash water on your face. You may blot your skin lightly with a towel to remove excess water, but leave your skin moist. This will make it easier to apply evenly and thinly. Too moist is better than too dry.
  • Pick up a small dab (pea sized) of Sampsons on your fingers, trying not to introduce water into your jar. Either apply directly with your fingers, or rub your hands together and then spread onto your face with both hands.  
  • STOP, when you can feel you've covered your face; if there's still Sampsons on your hands, well, give your hands a good massage, and you'll have lovely hands.
  • Wipe dry the fingers and the palms of your hands before you touch any shiny surfaces or phones or computer keyboards, etc.

Remember the old adage:  less is more.  

The body:

Our customers often use the Sampsons moisturizers as a complete-body moisturizer after bathing.  

The only difference between applying Sampons to your face and to your body is that most of our customers like their bodies to be still more moist, once again, to facilitate spreading.  

If you wish, you may cover the rest of the body more heavily than your face. It won't do much better than a light coat, but we will appreciate the additional business.

In a few days, you'll know the right amount for you and how quickly your skin absorbs it. If you feel you could benefit from more Sampsons, use it more frequently, don't put it on heavier.

If you still have questions about how to best apply Sampson, feel free to contact us.

  • Angel Miller says...

    Hi I am friends with Joan Orlikowski and she had mentioned that you might have something for babies? diaper rash and such? I didnt see anything on your website so I thought I might ask.

    On Dec 21, 2015

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