shaving products

Our shaving system comprises our shaving soap and our moisturizing aftershave. The two together make up the best shaving skin care you can buy. 

We make the finest lathering Shaving Soap we can make.  It contains no lanolin, or shea butter or other oils that add nothing to the shaving process. All soaps are desiccating (drying), and we believe that it and all shaving soaps should be thoroughly rinsed from your face before applying a moisturizing aftershave. It is just as we believe, for instance, that shampoo should be rinsed from your hair before you apply a conditioner. 

Our moisturizing Aftershave Balm provides the oils necessary to maintain the skin's healthy natural balance, to protect the skin from moisture loss, and to help the skin recover from shaving. None of our moisturizing products have water, and they therefore have no chemical emulsifiers and preservatives, with their attendant side effects.