Shaving Soap – luxurious, but economical. Does one job and does it right.


Our shaving soap is a wonderful lathering soap.  It provides cushioning and excellent slickness.  It comes in a generous 5.5 oz. size.

It is made as simply as possible with the following ingredients: Stearic Acid, Coconut Oil, Water, Potassium Hydroxide, Glycerin, and Essential Oils.

The scent of our shaving soap foreshadows the scent of our aftershave, and its scent is chiefly determined by the essential oils [see Ingredients] whose properties aid in healing damage and abrasions to the skin.  These same essential oils are in the shaving soap, but their effect, though salutary, should be brief—because all soaps are desiccating (drying), shaving soaps should be rinsed off thoroughly as soon as you have finished shaving. To be clear, we do not believe that your skin can profit from prolonged contact with any soap, even ours. It is just as we think you should rinse the shampoo from your hair and then apply a separate conditioner. Our aftershave conditions your skin with oils and butters and essential oils that specifically counter the side effects of shaving and add back moisture to the skin. Thus, our shaving soap is part of our shaving system. It is further explained in the insert included with each order of your shaving soap or aftershave.

Our shaving soap is made by the so-called "hot" process and "globbed" into jars to dry and cure. After some months the excess is sliced off, leaving the "moonscape" appearance.

Too, we occasionally make batches of unscented shaving soap for customers who have "fragrance allergies," although, of course, our scent comes from Essential Oils. If you'd like to order the unscented, please Contact Us, and we'll advise on availability and how to order.


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