Product FAQ

This FAQ is about our products. For questions about our business and business practices please go here.
Where do I start if I really want to understand about your products?
The best way is to go to about our products and read them through.
What is the difference between your moisturizing balms and normal moisturizing creams?
The Sampsons All Natural family of moisturizing balms is made with only natural ingredients, and our family is made without water. For a discussion on why that's important, please go here.
What is the best way to use your moisturizing balms?
Our balms works best when a small amount is applied to freshly washed, moist skin.  For a detailed discussion on how best to use our balms, please go here.
I know it's all natural, but is it organic?
As you may know from reading the materials on our site, we care deeply about our products being healthful and effective. As we formulated our products, we consulted with naturopathic doctors on our ingredients. When we asked them if we should make our products fully organic, they said that those ingredients that are derived from things that are soft-skinned (e.g. olives and olive oil) or produced directly by some living thing (e.g. bees and beeswax) should be organic. Ingredients with hard-shelled origins (e.g. nuts) need not be organic so long as they come from a source that we know and trust.In answer to your question, everything that should be organic is indeed organic.  Everything else is from suppliers who have excellent business practices, and whom we trust to provide us with the best quality natural ingredients we can get.
How should I store moisturizing balm?
Store it at room temperature. If it gets hot in your house, 80° Fahrenheit or more, you might find that your balms becomes softer than you are used to.  If you don't like the softer texture, keep your product in a cooler place in the house. 
 How long will your moisturizing balm keep?
Although we have a hard time imagining just keeping balm about, unused for a year or so, we recommend that you toss it and buy some more, preferably lots more.  
On a more serious note, the balms are formulated such that they should be good for a year from the date of purchase. This presumes that you store it in a cabinet or an area away from direct sunlight.
Where are Sampsons All Natural products made?
All of Sampsons All Natural products are handcrafted in Wisconsin. 
Where can I buy Sampsons All Natural products?
Sampsons All Natural products are only available via through our web store, and a few, very select retailers.  Our shaving products are available from us or The Superior Shave, an online retailer of fine shaving products.