Tattoo Daily Maintenance FAQ

This FAQ is about our Tattoo for Daily Maintenance. For questions about our business and business practices please go here. For questions about our other products please go here.
Why did you come up with Tattoo Daily Maintenance?
Actually, we hadn't thought about a tattoo product until some of our customers reported they were already using our balms on their tattoos. They asked why we could not "tune" a balm for them, so we did.
If Daily Maintenance has no essential oils, does that mean you've added no scent? 
That's right, for two reasons: for people with very extensive tattoos, the scent could be more than they want, and many people already have a personal scent and don't want a conflict between scents.
If I'm in the recovery phase, may I begin using Tattoo Daily Maintenance?
Well, it was not designed for the recovery phase, but for the longterm preservation of your tattoos. We have customers, however, who use when healing is well underway, but you should really follow the advice of your tattoo artist.
You mention there is a natural sunblock.  Can you explain further?
Yes, many of the base oils and butters have natural sunblocks. We have had customers use our balms as a sunblock in Mexico, but that was not a primary consideration when we formulated our balms, and we've never subjected them to rigorous testing, but we think it's fair to say that for casual exposure they are sufficient. They are most often used to relieve and recondition skin after too much exposure to the sun.
Where do I start if I really want to understand about your products?
The best way is to go to about our products and read them through.