The Superior Shave

The Superior Shave has carried our shaving products for some time now. TSS, as everyone knows The Superior Shave, is an online retailer of shaving products. Its owner Jarrod is an unusual cat.  His passion is shaving. He visits stone quarries in Belgium to buy coticules, which are the cat’s meows of whetstones; goes to Germany to watch straight razors being handcrafted; goes off to Europe somewhere to learn the construction of shaving brushes; for all I know he visits slaughterhouses and tanneries to learn where leather for the best strops comes from. Besides his family, shaving seems to be his life. When Sven was growing up and buying anything important (like stereo gear, for instance), my advice to him was, “Find a guy who cares as much as you do, but knows a lot more.” That describes Jarrod, whom we actually approached to carry our products. (We have rejected other online shaving retailers who sought us out, because the only thing they offer is endless selection.) Jarrod doesn't carry too many products, but they are of quality and address each price point. 

The way I found out about Jarrod and TSS was when I first got back into wet shaving I went to some of the larger shaving websites to see what was offered and I began to read all the blogs, of which there are many. It seems wet shaving has again become a big deal. Some of the threads would go on for pages, with people repeating what they’d read on still other blogs and other columns. Rarely did anything new or revealing come out of those discussions, until someone volunteered to seek out Jarrod’s opinion. His opinion was quoted and that sort of ended that. The one thing that was explicitly stated is that with Jarrod you get unvarnished truth.  (Really unvarnished.)

Jarrod's website is indeed unique, and if it's never been the easiest to navigate, well, that's a small price for all the information and pictures that it has; for his information is not boilerplate from his vendors, but represents his opinions of the products, and for all of his handmade objects over a certain price he takes pictures so that you can pick the individual piece you want. Great customer service. TSS prices are competitive, particularly when you figure you’re not trying to reach a threshold for free shipping: shipping to the USA is free. For years now, TSS has been for us a reliable source for shaving stuff, and we’re proud of our association with TSS.

So, Jarrod may not be the only honest and knowledgable guy out there, but he's one of them. To visit The Superior Shave site, click here.