Which Marisol for Me?

All the Marisol products are in the same family and provide the same basic benefits, but there are differences.
Marisol has more butter (both shea butter and cocoa butter) than MarisolLight has.  Butters are the heaviest ingredients in our moisturizing salves, and therefore Marisol is naturally heavier. Because of more butter, Marisol is still better than MarisolLight as a moisturizer, but there is a trade-off – it is absorbed by skin more slowly.  If you are using it as a night moisturizer or as protection against wind, rain, or cold, that may be a small price to pay. Particularly our older customers seem to benefit from the additional butter.
MarisolLight has all the ingredients of Marisol and adds one more – coconut oil.  The coconut oil replaces some of the shea and cocoa butters, but the other ingredients are present in the exact same amounts.  But because coconut oil is much lighter than the butter it replaces, MarisolLight is absorbed more quickly than Marisol. MarisolLight is generally preferred as a day moisturizer. But, remember, moisturizing is just one reason you have chosen the Marisol Family, and MarisolLight is still a fine moisturizer.
The scent of both Marisol and MarisolLight is the same. The "Unscented" versions of the Marisol and MarisolLight are indicated in the green bar on the label.
Marisol Baby
Marisol Baby, derived from MarisolLight, was designed to help soothe and prevent diaper rash, and to provide protection for the baby's skin. Its additions to MarisolLight are primarily the essential oils calendula, lavender, and two chamomiles.  (See our entry for "Essential Oil" in the Glossary.)  Its scent is reminiscent of MarisolLight. But Marisol Baby is good for anyone with sensitive skin, and many of our older customers who do not need the extra moisturizing provided by Marisol, use Marisol Baby by preference, or use Marisol Baby as their day moisturizer. And although we never had it in mind, many of the mothers say they like it as their everyday scent because it is so light.
Sampsons All Natural Moisturizing Aftershave
Our aftershave, also derived from MarisolLight, was designed to help heal the skin after scraping it with a razor. Its essential oils are particularly helpful with abrasions, inflammation, sores, scrapes, etc. Besides using it as our aftershave, we keep it around for just those occasions when we've abused our skin. The scent again is derived from its special essential oils, and it is less floral than the Marisol family. We think of it as almost a unisex scent, and some of our lady customers prefer it to, for instance, MarisolLight as a "running around" scent. Because guys sometimes prefer a personal scent (cologne), we offer our aftershave in an unscented version too.
The "Unscented" version of Sampsons All Natural Moisturizing Aftershave is indicated in the green bar on the label.


Finally, in the About Us we mentioned we've done a lot of sailing—and golfing, for that matter.  Sometimes after too much "sea and sun," we simply prefer the heavier Marisol, and after a few days our skin tells us its fine to switch back to the lighter Marisols.