Why a shaving primer.


There is nothing mysterious about "wet" shaving, and in the blog I'll try to give an overview of all the topics.  I'll first explain how to build up a lather.  In later blog postings I'll discuss the why and wherefore of brushes – why badger, why boar bristle; the "types" of lathering; which double edge safety razors you might consider, and why; aftershaves, etc. If you're already into shaving with a straight razor, you're already beyond anything I plan to discuss.

I plan to illustrate my blogs with still photos, but eventually augment the photos with videos.

Reading my postings will not make you an expert, but it will give you enough information to get started. Then you may consult the experts (and the pretenders), and it won't take you long to become an expert yourself – after all, who knows your face better?

Longtime viewers will notice that I have changed the blog dates so that these blog posts may be read in a logical, rather than temporal, order.