Omega Boar Bristle Shaving Kit - BYOR (bring your own razor).

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If you're ready to begin lathering with soap and brush, or you have a friend you'd like to introduce to lathering with soap and brush, we have a kit available. If brushes are a bit of a mystery, read A Primer on Brushes from our shaving blog. All of our kits comprise a shaving soap, a brush, a stand for the brush, and a jar of our aftershave. (Sorry, the picture is outdated.  The kit actually includes a full jar of our aftershave, not the two tiny samples.) These kits are priced to encourage you to try wetshaving.  The cost of the shaving soap and aftershave balm alone is $48. Each kit comes with a stand so you will dry the brush with hair or bristle down.

The aftershave balm we normally ship is our standard scented aftershave balm.  If you'd prefer either the unscented aftershave balm or the aftershave balm for sensitive skin, please note which one in the comment section of your order.

Omega Boar Bristle Kit. This is on the small side of Omega's standard-sized brushes. It serves as an economical introduction to wetshaving and should provide years of use. It comes with a clear acrylic stand and is made in Italy. Omega model 10275.

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